01 Nov 2017

Continued Work, and Some Free Time, for Older Physicians

A physician discussing with a patientMany professionals look forward to retirement, spending more time with family, and possibly traveling the world. Some professionals, however, can only see a future of continued work. You may expect passionate professionals in the academe or in the arts to count among such people, but many physicians surprisingly want to continue working as well.

Many Still Want to Work

Research shows that even though quite a number of physicians want to retire, a substantial number also want to continue working. Physicians who retire do so usually at age 68, five years later than most other American professionals. Physicians who want to continue working cited various reasons in the study.

Career Satisfaction a Factor

The respondents of the study consisted of physicians over the age of 50. Many of them cited satisfaction in their careers. Some have regrets, which usually relate to a bad work and life balance in the past. In spite of this, they still want to continue working — even on a lesser degree — for different reasons.

Other Factors

The respondents stated they would miss the social aspect of the profession. They also feel that they will lose a sense of purpose when they stop working. They want to keep up their current lifestyle, too. Other reasons include genuine care and concern for patients as well as fear of feeling lonely, depressed, or bored.

Work Opportunity in Locum Tenens

As such, physicians sometimes turn to locum tenens physician jobs. This work allows shorter assignments that you get to pick. Older physicians who still want to work can then continue to do so, even while freeing up more of their time. You can have more time with family and continue to make money. You can even pursue other interests if you want.

Regardless of the reason, you may want to continue working as a physician yourself. Locum tenens presents you with that opportunity. You can ask locum tenens staffing service to know more about how locum tenens works. You can even consider yourself semi-retired when doing locum tenens.

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