18 Nov 2017

Three Kinds of Cards Your Veterinary Clinic Needs

Exchange business card for first time meet

When you’re running a veterinary clinic, cards are the least of your concerns. Though you don’t need to have all sorts of cards for different purposes, there are some cards that you simply cannot do without.

Here are three essentials for your business:

Sympathy Cards

Your goal is to care for your client’s pet as much as you can, but sometimes old age and a combination of illnesses may spell the end of their lifespan. For occasions like this, you want to be ready with a veterinary sympathy card to give to the pet’s family. They will appreciate the gesture and will not forget you for all you’ve done. This will improve the chances of them taking any new pet to your clinic, just like old times.

Business Cards

When attending conferences and talks, you will meet colleagues and potential clients. And because pets may sometimes require emergency assistance, you want to be accessible to them. Handing out business cards is a great way to remind them of your presence. If they are facing something difficult and they need immediate help from a vet, they will appreciate the number they can easily locate in that piece of paper they kept in their wallet or pocket.

Greeting Cards

The holidays are just around the corner and one good way to forge stronger ties with your clients is by sending out greeting cards to their family. Include your own pets in the greeting card, and give them some reminders to care for their pets during the holidays. You may also include a line about your updated operating hours for the busy season, so they will know when to schedule their appointment. Of course, they will appreciate if you remind them you are ready for emergency services, too.

When you are a vet, getting new customers is just like keeping old ones. Show them that you genuinely care for them and their pets.

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