19 Dec 2017

Labiaplasty: The Most Googled Plastic Surgery in Utah

Soft fabric blanket shaped as a female genital organLabiaplasty topped the list of online searches for plastic surgeries in Utah, according to Highspeedinternet.com.

The website based its findings on an analysis of Google Trends data in every state in the U.S. It attributed the popularity of labiaplasty to a growing interest in “postpartum renovation,” aside from being a likely option for a mommy makeover in Utah.

Beauty Enhancements

Bottom implants emerged as the top search for other South and Midwest states such as Maryland, Tennessee, Michigan and Missouri. In Louisiana, people showed the most interest in butt lifts, while those in Texas searched the most for full “lower-body lifts.”

The report also showed that minimally invasive surgeries have become more popular, which contributed to a rise in cosmetic procedures in the last 10 years. During this period, invasive treatments have plateaued at an estimated 1.65 million procedures, while the overall number of cosmetic enhancements have increased by 5.8 million.

State Favorites

The weather also played a role in what dictated the most popular procedure for each state. Anti-aging treatments such as Botox topped Google searches in North Dakota, Maine, Idaho and Massachusetts, where winter months can be harsh on the skin. Those in Minnesota and Wisconsin showed the most interest in dermabrasion. The warm weather in Florida also led people to search for “neck lift” more than any other procedure.

Breast implants ranked as the most popular surgery in 2016 with more than 290,000 reported treatments. However, Google searches for the procedure only manifested in Kansas, as most people in other states already have an idea about the process. On the contrary, the online searches indicated that Americans are interested in new cosmetic treatments.


More people have become interested in undergoing cosmetic enhancements, due to the availability of minimally invasive treatments. Would you consider paying for a labiaplasty in the future?

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