23 Feb 2018

Keep Fit While Using a Wheelchair

patient on a wheelchairInjuries, disability, and certain medical conditions may confine a person to a wheelchair. It may be for a limited period or the rest of your life. But being in a wheelchair is no excuse for not staying in shape. With the doctor’s permission, fitness is possible for people in wheelchairs. Here are a few suggestions on ways to keep fit for guys in wheelchairs.

Exercise at home

If you aren’t confident, or for some reason, you can’t go to the gym, there are some simple exercises you can do at home to keep fit. Use heavy items like dumbbells to do triceps presses and bicep exercises. Alternatively, perform yoga exercises on a mat like bending and stretching to help tone your torso.

Call on mobile wheelchair repair services to help get your wheelchair in superb condition for such activities. Make these exercises part of your daily routine to achieve enviably tight muscles.

Go to the gym

Many believe that the gyms look down on disabled people. The truth, however, is that many gyms nowadays go out of their way to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. They even go further to develop custom exercise routines for you. They have adaptive equipment for the physically challenged and do not mind giving you a helping hand.

Join a sports team

Look for a basketball team or swimming team for the disabled within your vicinity. Depending on how able you are, you can join any sports team. These do well to keep you training regularly and are a good source of motivation. It is also a good place to make friends and be around people who understand and go through the same challenges.

Due to limited movement, it can be quite hard for people in wheelchairs to stay fit. But with discipline and a bit of effort, one can maintain a healthy weight and stay fit.

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