26 Mar 2018

3 Ways to Lead Others Into a Healthy Lifestyle

Woman preparing drink

Woman preparing drinkSo, you’ve finally reached your target weight and you’re feeling better than ever. Your sugar cravings are gone, and you got your food portions under control. The next best thing to do is to share your success with others.

Millions of people still struggle with weight loss every day, so you should consider yourself lucky. Now, it’s time to spread the news that it is possible because you’re a living proof. You can buy a weight loss franchise or start a blog about switching to a healthy lifestyle. Here are three more ways to encourage others to get through their weight loss struggles.

1. Tell them about the 80-20 rule

Eighty percent diet and 20 percent exercise. This rule has been proven accurate by many scientists and it’s most probably what you did, too. Share this fact with others and remind them that food control is the first thing they’ll have to accept.

2. Talk about what you eat, not what you don’t

When you discuss healthy eating habits with others, don’t dwell on the things you’ve taken out of your diet. Instead, tell them how healthy it is to eat more greens or that they can get energy from the carbs in sweet potatoes. Avoid talking about the don’ts and put more stress on the dos.

3. Teach them ways to fight cheating or cravings

Drinking plenty of water, meditation, and keeping yourself busy helps with all sorts of craving. Also, encourage others to add probiotics to their diet, as these types of food are known for keeping your cravings at bay.

Remember that maintaining your success is part of the whole process because it’s easy to backslide on a carb binge overnight. Sharing your success with others will also help you keep the new-found energy and health that you have now.

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