05 Apr 2018

Funeral Pre-Planning Matters as Much as Retirement Planning

Funeral placeWhen you think about your elderly years, you will likely be looking forward to retirement and looking far away from your funeral. Just as you plan for your retirement according to smart financial practices, however, you also have to plan for your funeral.Upon your passing, you will leave your family either troubled or hassled about your funeral arrangements, all while managing their grief, or perfectly calm because you gave them space to breathe and process your departure.

Plan for the sake of family

Years before you reach retirement age, you have most likely planned and saved already. You can bring the same attitude to funeral pre-planning. You can pre-pay and pre-plan arrangements for your funeral, years or decades before you even expect to pass. In this way, you can save your family the trouble of planning the arrangements and shouldering the payment themselves.

Plan for the sake of yourself

A funeral home here in Clearfield can walk you through the process of pre-planning. Through it, you can choose exactly how you want to be sent off. You can choose to be cremated or buried. You can choose your coffin and your headstone. You can even create a program to be followed at your funeral.

Pay for the funeral

Aside from pre-planning, you can also pre-pay. Should you choose to pay ahead of time, you can pay in one of two ways. Firstly, you can go for a guaranteed plan that sets your funeral arrangements and corresponding costs in stone, in spite of price increases or decreases in the future.

Alternately, you can choose a non-guaranteed plan where you invest instead and allow the money to grow. Upon your death, the total funds left will then be used for your funeral. Either way, your money will be held by a third-party company, ensuring the safekeeping of your funds.

With this, you have reason and knowledge enough to start pre-planning for your funeral, no matter what age you are. Through this process, your family can know your love even upon your passing.

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