10 Apr 2018

You Might Have Cracked Tooth Syndrome and Not Know About It

a patient with chipped and cracked toothSome teeth have minute cracks, usually under the gums that even X-rays can’t detect. These tiny cracks are called ‘cracked tooth syndrome’. These cracks are typically seen in molars since the teeth take the brunt of the force when you chew. People who clench or grind their teeth have an increased risk of developing these tiny cracks.

In some cases, the way the teeth of a person come together could place undue pressure on a specific tooth, making the tooth prone to cracks. Also, teeth with huge fillings and those that have previously undergone a root canal procedure are prone to cracking.

Do I Have Cracked Tooth Syndrome?

One of the most common indications of cracked tooth syndrome is sensitivity or pain when chewing or biting, and these could be intense or tolerable and could last for a long time or brief time, says a renowned dentist in Townsville. It might likewise be painful when biting in a certain way or when eating specific foods. You won’t feel consistent pain, as you would with an abscess or cavity, but the cracked tooth might be significantly more sensitive to heat and cold.

If the crack in your tooth gets larger, a piece of it might break off, and the gum surrounding the tooth might be infected. You might likewise see a bump that looks like a pus-filled pimple, called a fistula, near the affected site. Often, a majority of patients would experience symptoms for several months until they get treatment.

When to Visit your Dentist

If you feel significant pain when chewing or biting or have a problem with clenching and grinding your teeth, call your dentist. The duration of your symptoms would depend on how fast, or not, your cracked tooth could be properly diagnosed by your dentist, while treatment would be heavily dependent on the severity of your symptoms and damage to your tooth and surrounding area. Some patients might require a root canal or a dental crown, while some might have to get their damaged tooth extracted.

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