11 Apr 2018

A Stress-Free Dental Experience for Your Child

Kid having prophylaxisA regular trip to the dentist is a prerequisite to keep your child’s teeth healthy and to stimulate them to practice proper oral hygiene. But for many parents and their children, a first time trip to the dentist can be a challenging experience.

This not the case when you bring your children to a clinic that has pediatric dentists in South Bend, Indiana. They are professionals who know how to handle their young patients and assure parents that their children will have a positive experience in the dentist’s chair.

A Pediatric Dentist’s Clinic

Once they step into the clinic, colorful illustrations and interesting toys can be found. This is another way for the staff to calm the children and to keep them from being impatient in the waiting room. Sometimes they also have children’s movies, books, toys, and games.

A pediatric dentist and the clinic’s staff also avoid using pain words like “hurt”, “shot”, “drill” and “pull” to remove anxiety and fear. Instead, they speak softly and focus on positive actions: “coat your teeth with mint”, “check your smile” and “count your teeth”.

The dental chair, equipment, and tools sometimes have interesting colors and characters that can calm patients and make the dental treatment an enjoyable one. The appearance of the dentist’s office was changed to a theme park to get them excited to go to the dentist. Most pediatric dentists hand out decals or toys after the treatment.

A Parent Should Be a Good Role Model

All of us have a fear of the dentist, but never show this to your child. To make going to the dentist a positive experience, you should educate your child as early as two years old about dental hygiene. You should explain the treatment in a language that they will understand.

Watch a few videos with your child to prepare for the dental visit. Schedule an appointment with the clinic to introduce them to the staff who can provide them with an up-close experience of the place and the dentist’s equipment. Don’t forget to reward your courageous youngster with something they like, such as a toy or a visit to their favorite place.

The American Association of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends that the first appointment for your children should happen when they grow their first tooth. Bring your children to a dentist and start their dental hygiene journey.

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