25 Apr 2018

How to Prepare Your Child for that First Dental Visit

Child having a dental appointmentTaking your child to his or her first dental visit doesn’t have to be a struggle. With ample preparation, your youngster will be able to avoid feeling unnecessarily scared about the whole experience. Salt Lake Pediatric Dentist shares some practical pointers you should keep in mind.

Set an example

Long before the first appointment with the dentist, it’s important that your child already has an idea about the importance of caring for their teeth. You, as a parent, have the main responsibility of teaching that by practicing good dental habits yourself and showing them how it’s done.

Also, it’s a good idea to be enthusiastic when you talk about dentists. Make them realize dentists are helpful people they do not need to be afraid of.

Take advantage of available books and videos

There are a lot of learning materials out there that can help you teach your child about dental care. Go drop by bookstores and video shops or browse online to check out fun, age-appropriate materials your child can use.

Go for a practice visit

Way before the first checkup, you can go ahead and have a practice visit. Arrange with your dentist for a quick visit to the clinic. Give him or her the chance to be acquainted with the dentist and even sit in the dental chair for a few minutes. That way, your child can get a bit familiar and be less fearful.

Choose the right dentist

Ideally, you should pick a friendly dental professional who has a wide experience in handling young patients. When using the Internet, search specifically so you can check your options out.

While you’re at it, read feedback posted by past clients. This will help you decide which dentists would be best for your precious child.

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