11 Sep 2018

Misconceptions about Moving to Senior Living Communities

group of 4 seniors sitting and chatting in living roomThe thought of moving to retirement homes is frightening for many seniors. In the past, seniors who moved to a senior living community would have to forget about their loved ones. However, things have changed, and seniors should not be frightened to move to these communities because the services are excellent, and they are allowed to see their family members. If your senior family members are afraid of the idea of independent living in Orem, you should help them overcome the following fears:

You Will Get Bored

Senior living communities have an array of amenities and activities. Thus, you don’t have to worry about getting bored. The communities offer fitness classes and outings to keep seniors occupied and ensure that they live healthy lives. Also, some communities hold monthly meetings to get input from seniors on the activities that they like.

You Will Lose Friendships

One of the common fears of seniors is that they will lose their friends when they move to an independent community. The truth is that you can still maintain your current friends because visitors are allowed in independent communities. Additionally, you can join your friends on vacation or accompany them on shopping expeditions.

You Will Spend Much Money

Independent living sounds excellent, but one of your most significant concerns is the charges. Surprisingly, the cost of independent living is much cheaper than you think. The communities charge a reasonable amount that includes water, electricity, and service fees. Also, the overall cost for independent living communities in the long-run is cheaper considering the upgrades that you would have to make in your home, such as installing ramps and grab bars.

Don’t let misconceptions prevent your loved ones from changing their lifestyle. You need to help them learn about the advantages of senior living communities. After all, you now know the truth about these communities.

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