24 Sep 2018

4 Botox Facts for First-timers

Woman getting botox injection

Woman getting botox injectionBotox. You have heard of it, actors have it, your neighbor had it, and even your sister is raving about it. So should you as well? The answer is, “Why not?” Despite the fear of people from looking like an expressionless doll, there’s more to Botox than horror stories.

For starters, Utah Dermatologic & Medical Procedures Clinic noted that there are many Botox specialist clinics in Utah that can do the procedure for you. Knowing these additional facts can help you make a more informed choice should you decide to push through with the procedure.

1. Qualified Doctors are a Must

More often than not, Botox procedures gone wrong are due to patients choosing the wrong doctor. When done correctly, Botox is relatively safe and will not cause the patient to look frozen like a mannequin. The goal of Botox is to make you look more relaxed, not stiffer. Qualified specialists know this and naturally, know the methods to do so.

2. It is Not Permanent

Unfortunately, Botox is not permanent. It wears off over time and you would need to go for maintenance injection every three to six months. This is because the muscles are just temporarily relaxed with Botox.

3. It Has Other Uses Than Cosmetics

More than just removing wrinkles, Botox is also used for other purposes in the medical field. Excessive sweating in hands and underarms will find relief from Botox, and so does people suffering from a migraine and an overactive bladder.

4. Realistic Expectations are Important

Botox is not meant to make you look 10 years younger. No one has found the fountain of youth and certainly, Botox is not it. Rather, the goal is to make you look more relaxed so you can give off a fresher vibe. Yes, it can reduce wrinkles caused by unconscious habits like squinting, raising eyebrows, and laugh lines, but it cannot remove naturally occurring wrinkles caused by aging. Have a realistic expectation is ideal to enjoy the outcome of the procedure.

Enjoy the outcome of your Botox and undergo the procedure more confidently by knowing these Botox facts.

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