10 Nov 2018

Why Does Dental CPD in Watford Matter?

Dentist checking a patient's teeth

Dentist checking a patient's teethWhen thinking of continuing professional development (CPD) many people fail to realise that it can apply to many professions including dentists. Dental CPD is not only about gaining new knowledge but building and expanding on existing knowledge and skills and people in the dental profession can benefit as much as professionals in other fields.

Dentistry is continually changing since new techniques and materials emerge. Dental CPD is obligatory for dental professionals in the UK (including hygienists and dental technicians) and each dental professional has to attend a minimum number of hours in CPD courses in 5 years. Those interested in dental CPD in Watford can look into CPD providers such as Wisbora Conferences.

What is dental CPD?

Dental CPD in the UK is obligatory for dental professionals and they have access to it through various lectures, courses seminars or other educational programmes aimed at furthering their professional development. Dentists should complete 100 hours in CPD training over 5 years, though nurses and other dental professionals do not need to spend so many hours in CPD training.

Why is dental CPD beneficial?

Dental CPD in Watford is structured around many thematic categories. Courses and seminars are organised by professionals with a genuine passion for learning and cover all aspects of dentistry – from tips and tricks for everyday practice in preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry to essential training and dental economics. Dental professionals with adequate and meaningful CPD training are more likely to have their career boosted.

Despite being a legal obligation, CPD training is important because it enables dentists and other dental professionals to expand on their skills and update their learning. Dedicated professionals should be informed on the latest techniques and treatments available and offer their patients the best. Learning new things can mean the difference between attracting new clients and losing existing ones. Modern dental techniques and treatments can keep a dentist fresh and current.

Moreover, dental CPD courses ensure that the entire dental practice – from dentists to hygienists and dental technicians – are updated in the latest techniques and are able to deliver the highest standard of patient care. People are more likely to trust well-trained and relevant dental professionals.

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