14 Nov 2018

Why have dental implants in Milton Keynes?

Getting Dentures for your own Oral Health

Getting Dentures for your own Oral HealthMissing one tooth isn’t a big deal, is it? Yeah, sure, it creates a gappy smile, but unless it’s right at the front, no one’s going to know, so what’s the problem?

Even missing one tooth can have a negative effect on a patient’s oral and overall health, and it’s well worth replacing it with dental implants in Milton Keynes. At dental practices in the area, such as Northlight Dental, implants offer a highly functional way to restore missing teeth and provide several health benefits.

The reason it’s so important to replace even one missing tooth is because of a process called resorption. The body has an innate intelligence that is always working to keep it in balance. So, when a tooth is lost, this means that the tiny taps that used to happen between that tooth and its opposite number are also lost. The body registers this and believes that the jawbone, which holds the teeth in place, is no longer needed at that particular location. So, it resorbs the bone and uses the nutrients elsewhere in the body. The jawbone can lose up to 25% of its density at the site of a lost tooth in the first year alone.

This loss of structure causes the face to sag, giving the it a prematurely aged look, and surrounding teeth can start to drift into the gap. And because there is a tooth missing on one side, the patient will tend to chew and bite more on the opposite side, causing those teeth to wear out faster, which could result in more tooth loss.

So, while it may seem that replacing a lost tooth is only about aesthetics, there’s actually a lot more going on. Dental implants in Milton Keynes replace the tooth root, meaning the vibrations from the tooth above go down into the jaw and the body begins to build bone there again. This restores the integrity of the jaw and structure of the face.

In Milton Keynes, dental implants aren’t the only way to replace missing teeth, but they do offer a wider range of advantages over other restorations. This is because they are the only way to replace the root as well as the crown.

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