About Us

There is no one specific way to be fit, healthy and happy. What you think is good for you are what you would stick with, and of course you would stick with what you love. Coalition for Health Freedom wants to spread this health and wellness attitude around the world.

Coalition for Health Freedom does that by helping you what is better for you. We want to provide you with choices that real people can realistically do, stick with, and feel good about. At the end of the day, you do not have to pick out between being happy and being fit & healthy; because for you, they are the same thing.

Coalition for Health Freedom is about embodying happiness, health and wellbeing through realistic and attainable goals. Our community of health and wellness experts is here to offer our users useful and easy to understand tips, information and advice that they would need across all aspects of their lives, including fitness, nourishment, health and wellness, family, beauty and relationships.

We want to provide you with reliable and insightful health and wellness information.  This is Coalition for Health Freedom’s service to you and the community, and we hope that the articles that what you read in our website help you to be your happiest and healthiest self.

Our team at Coalition for Health Freedom handpicks articles from our community of trusted sources, to give you access to updates on health and wellness news, tips and advice from industry experts, informative articles—all in one venue.