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Dental Hygiene and Oral Care

08 Oct 2018

Toothsome Tactics: Bite Down on These Dental Hygiene Tips

Your teeth play a vital role in everyday life, whether it’s chewing food or flashing a gorgeous smile. And while most people brush their teeth three times a day, they sometimes neglect regular visits to the dentist or even simply flossing. There are plenty of things you can do for better dental health. In Fort […]

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Woman looking at her own reflection

13 Sep 2018

Turn the Beat Around: Never Look Tired and Restless Again

It can be frustrating to find out that after eight hours of sleep, you still look tired with dark circles around the eyes. In a case where the amount of slumber you are getting is not an issue, it is probably due to your habits and genetics. You should also know that dark circles and […]

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15 Jun 2018

5 Tips To Get You Started IN Your Weight Loss Journey

There are many roadblocks to losing weight, yet many people still manage to keep the extra load off for a long time. If you are considering applying to a Medi-Weight loss program in Raleigh, NC, here are tips from obesity experts to get you started. Get Educated Often the culprit for obesity isn’t the bad […]

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Nurse doing blood glucose test to a diabetic patient

17 May 2018

Type 2 Diabetes Causes: Know Your Risk Factors

The number of people living with diabetes mellitus has increased dramatically over the past few years. The most common type of diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, has taken a toll on the lives of those who have it. The number of individuals with diabetes has increased from 108 million in 1980 to a staggering 422 million […]

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Woman exercising

11 Apr 2018

Losing Weight in a Small Class Gym

For a lot of people, going to the gym can be frustrating. They go to the gym to lose weight, and when they get there, there are a lot of people who look fit and seem to know what they’re doing. The gym equipment can also be a reason for stress and anxiety. Overall, going to the gym can […]

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10 Apr 2018

You Might Have Cracked Tooth Syndrome and Not Know About It

Some teeth have minute cracks, usually under the gums that even X-rays can’t detect. These tiny cracks are called ‘cracked tooth syndrome’. These cracks are typically seen in molars since the teeth take the brunt of the force when you chew. People who clench or grind their teeth have an increased risk of developing these […]

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Man with cataract

06 Mar 2018

What to Expect from Cataract Surgery

A cataract is a cloudy film on the eye’s lens. This clouding leads to blurry vision and eventual vision loss. Getting cataract surgery these days is common, and there are many good surgeons in Monmouth County too. Surgery not only restores vision but also reduces your dependence on glasses. What to Do After a Diagnosis? If your […]

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Kid looking outside window wearing headphones

26 Jan 2018

Audiology 101: Ways to Improve Your Hearing

Being hard of hearing is a normal thing that happens to most people as 20% of Americans suffer from some form of hearing loss. Impaired hearing usually comes with age, as one in three people above the age of 65 have difficulty hearing, as senses weaken over time. A staggering 80% of people do not […]

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Woman relaxing on massage chair

18 Dec 2017

The Benefits of Using Electric Massage Chair

Massage therapy has been popular a long time ago. Nowadays, advanced technology has taken this treatment a notch higher by developing an electric chair which increases the efficiency of the therapy. For those who have never used this technique, cites a few reasons why you should try it out: It Helps In Relieving Pain Muscle […]

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an overweight man

01 Nov 2017

Being Heavy: Its Effects to Health

In our society where looks are more important, being overweight is an appearance issue. However, being overweight is also a serious medical concern as it directly negatively affects your health. Health issues that originate from being overweight go beyond the most common diseases we often hear about, such as heart diseases or diabetes. It can […]

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