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an overweight man

01 Nov 2017

Being Heavy: Its Effects to Health

In our society where looks are more important, being overweight is an appearance issue. However, being overweight is also a serious medical concern as it directly negatively affects your health. Health issues that originate from being overweight go beyond the most common diseases we often hear about, such as heart diseases or diabetes. It can […]

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Women with Loose Jeans

31 Oct 2017

Why You Should Consider Laser Surgery For Fat Reduction

There are more than a few proven methods of cutting down unwanted fat. Aside from diet changes and hitting the gym, you can also try laser fat loss surgery in Minnesota. Laser surgery is a procedure that could see you lose a few inches with every session. The process liquefies fat which enables the body […]

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13 Oct 2017

Can I Get Rid of Cellulite with VelaShape?

The main causes of cellulite and fat are many and varied; age, hormones, and genetics could all play in the development of lumpy, dimply patches, and excess fats in your body. If you are looking to enhance your body’s contour and get rid of cellulite without having to undergo more expensive and invasive treatments, consider […]

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