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02 Nov 2017

Practice These Healthy Ways to Prevent Common Travel Illnesses

Traveling is one of life’s joys. It’s an unforgettable and fulfilling journey with positive rewards. But, traveling can also have its downsides, especially if health issues strikes. Here are a few travel illnesses that you need to be aware of and what you can do to avoid them: DVT Travelers who sit motionless in vehicles […]

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01 Nov 2017

What You Need To Know About May-Thurner Syndrome

You call the condition in the pelvis wherein the right common iliac artery compresses the left iliac vein the iliac vein compression syndrome or what is also known as May-Thurner syndrome. This condition causes swelling and blood clots. The risk of developing deep vein thrombosis also increases. Stenting is a non-invasive surgical technique that can […]

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10 Oct 2017

3 Signs That You Have a Good Dentist

According to figures from the ADA, there were over 195,000 dentists in practice in the US back in 2013, and the numbers continue to grow. But how do you know if you’ve found a good one? If you’re looking for a good cosmetic dentist in Manteca, CA, keep these signs in mind. A good dentist […]

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