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11 Sep 2018

Misconceptions about Moving to Senior Living Communities

The thought of moving to retirement homes is frightening for many seniors. In the past, seniors who moved to a senior living community would have to forget about their loved ones. However, things have changed, and seniors should not be frightened to move to these communities because the services are excellent, and they are allowed […]

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01 Aug 2018

4 Reasons People Choose to Settle in Salt Lake City

Choosing a new city to raise your family is not easy. As parents, you want the best for your family, particularly the children. Providing the ideal home environment is the first big step. Today, many people are considering moving to Salt Lake City. While there are many factors to consider, here are some reasons people […]

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31 May 2018

Dispose of Waste Correctly and Avoid Fines

Medical and pharmaceutical businesses have obligations to ensure the safe disposal of medical waste or they can incur lofty fines. Professional waste disposal companies can help them stay on the right side of the law. In 2006, a well-known pharmaceutical company was using potassium thiocyanate – a cyanide compound – in its production of various […]

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Beauty woman giving botox injections

20 Apr 2018

Minimally Invasive Body Sculpting Procedures for the New You

After a dramatic loss of weight, body sculpting cosmetic procedures may be necessary. The lack of elasticity presented by the skin after weight loss leads to unpleasant sagging. Cosmetic surgery involving skin tightening and body shaping helps one conform to the reduced body size. Non-invasive modalities targeting specific areas of the body are gaining in popularity […]

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11 Apr 2018

A Stress-Free Dental Experience for Your Child

A regular trip to the dentist is a prerequisite to keep your child’s teeth healthy and to stimulate them to practice proper oral hygiene. But for many parents and their children, a first time trip to the dentist can be a challenging experience. This not the case when you bring your children to a clinic […]

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Woman preparing drink

26 Mar 2018

3 Ways to Lead Others Into a Healthy Lifestyle

So, you’ve finally reached your target weight and you’re feeling better than ever. Your sugar cravings are gone, and you got your food portions under control. The next best thing to do is to share your success with others. Millions of people still struggle with weight loss every day, so you should consider yourself lucky. […]

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nail art

17 Jan 2018

Level Up Your Nail Game with These Top 2018 Nail Trends

Happy New Year! Everyone’s working on their resolutions — working out harder, eating healthier, and keeping up with this year’s fashion trends. You’re probably doing the same thing, right? But don’t forget your digits. This is a great time to amp up your nail game. Get inspired by these 2018 nail trends: Accent it with Black […]

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11 Jan 2018

Keys To Resolving Family Conflict

Family relationships can bring joy, support and other incredible benefits, but they can also bring stress especially when there is unresolved conflict. Money problems, death, addiction, can also take a toll on family members. Disagreeing with each other from time to time is normal. However, ongoing conflict can be damaging and stressful. Handling family issues […]

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01 Nov 2017

Continued Work, and Some Free Time, for Older Physicians

Many professionals look forward to retirement, spending more time with family, and possibly traveling the world. Some professionals, however, can only see a future of continued work. You may expect passionate professionals in the academe or in the arts to count among such people, but many physicians surprisingly want to continue working as well. Many […]

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12 Oct 2017

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty: Ditch the Knife for a Needle

Plastic surgery can enhance the appearance of any person, yet interested individuals still sometimes have second thoughts about going under the knife. Even a simple rhinoplasty (a nose job) fills some people with uncertainty. In case surgical procedures make you queasy, you can take the non-surgical route. Haven’t heard of it? Allure Aesthetic Surgery of […]

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