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01 Nov 2017

Continued Work, and Some Free Time, for Older Physicians

Many professionals look forward to retirement, spending more time with family, and possibly traveling the world. Some professionals, however, can only see a future of continued work. You may expect passionate professionals in the academe or in the arts to count among such people, but many physicians surprisingly want to continue working as well. Many […]

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12 Oct 2017

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty: Ditch the Knife for a Needle

Plastic surgery can enhance the appearance of any person, yet interested individuals still sometimes have second thoughts about going under the knife. Even a simple rhinoplasty (a nose job) fills some people with uncertainty. In case surgical procedures make you queasy, you can take the non-surgical route. Haven’t heard of it? Allure Aesthetic Surgery of […]

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15 Sep 2017

Don’t Let Light Ruin Your Sleep

People nowadays are not sleeping properly. It may be because of excessive caffeine, use of electronic gadgets before bedtime, or simply not having enough time for bed. There is also the problem of bright lights in the bedroom, which could suppress the production of melatonin or sleep-inducing hormone. Light fools your brain that it is […]

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